Workbench Wednesday – July 24th

Yes, yes, I know it’s Friday night, and it’s a little disingenuous to call this Workbench Wednesday, but I’ve been a touch busy, and simply forgot to post this when I wrote it on Wednesday! Something about the little Crumb being up all night, every night! Anyway, enough of that…

So, it’s a bit of a different Workbench Wednesday post here tonight. We have big news in CoY land! A party that I did cookies for at the beginning of this year has been featured on Kara’s Party Idea. That’s right THE Kara’s Party Ideas, only one of the biggest party prep and planning blogs in the US! It was these cookies that were featured, and they were done for the first birthday of the son of the lovely Gayle from I Will Invitations.




If you want to see the party featured on Kara’s Party Blog, and marvel at all of Gayle’s hard work follow this link: Space Cadet Party or you can view it directly on the I Will Invitation’s blog.

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